Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well there is not a lot of excitement around here. I worked all day yesterday and the kids went to some friend's house. My in-laws are out of town so I have had to find babysitters this week. Jeremy had parent teacher conferences yesterday and did not have to be at school until noon. One of our friends was able to watch them yesterday afternoon. I actually am working tomorrow instead of Friday because the family I work for will be out of town. Another dear friend will be watching the kids tomorrow and she is actually gracious enough to come to our house to keep them. It makes it so much easier not getting them up and out of the house. After tomorrow I will have a nice four day weekend. I got an eye doctor's appointment Friday and Jeremy's birthday is Saturday so I am sure we will do something for him this weekend. Well I got back from Curves a little bit ago and now I need to get supper going. 
Oh, we got an e-mail from our State Senators office today. They got an e-mail from Memphis saying we will have our approval in the next two weeks. I am trying not to get overly excited yet, but it is encouraging. I know the next question is "how long after the approval before Chloe comes home?" The answer is that I am not sure. Every case is so different it is hard to figure out the time frame based on other people's situation. Well I better go. Sorry no pictures today.

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