Friday, October 3, 2008

We had a pretty good day. I am a little frustrated with the Memphis Adoption Unit. They sent me a very annoying e-mail because I am not sure what they meant. I got an e-mail this morning and all it said was this "When did you file the I600?" My first reaction was freaking out because I interrupted it to mean they were not sure what I was talking about. I e-mailed them back giving them the date that is on our receipt but they did not e-mail me back today. I am trying not to panic because it is probably a thing were they will not check on it if it has not been adequate time since it was filed. It may also be someone answering the e-mail that just does not what to do their job. I learned from the experience with Emma that you get all kinds of different responses and answers when you e-mail them. When I got home from work I sent another e-mail to them stating everything that was on our receipt from their office. I also made it very clear that I am not going to sit back and let the same nightmare happen this time around. I am definitely going to be more proactive on the front end of this process. So I say I am trying to stay calm but this is feeling all too familiar from last year at this time. Well we just got back from a high school football game. The kids are fast asleep on the couch so I guess I better get them to bed. We are probably going to stay home tomorrow. I am going to go to Curves but I am hoping to rest some tomorrow. I mentioned yesterday about the young man diagnosed with Leukemia, well his name is Christian Wilson and they got some more bad news today so please pray for him and his family. We were at the PVCS football game and it was really sad. Christian had been the quarterback for the team and they are all feeling the pain for this family. 

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