Saturday, November 29, 2008

We had a major breakthrough last night with the kids. Both girls slept in Emma's bed and Sam slept in his bed. We had to bribe Sam. We told him we would put up the tree today if he slept in his bed. Jeremy had to get up with him about a hour after he fell asleep but after that he was fine. I got up once with Emma but only because she somehow fell out of the bed. I picked her up and put her back in the bed and she went back to sleep. Chloe did not wake up once. They did all wake up at 6:45 and all ended up in our bed. We did rest until about 7:30. I have learned that them sleeping in their own beds may not happen again for a while but we will continue to try. The girls are taking a nap in their own bed so that is also good. Chloe has been napping in our bed. After we all woke up I went to Curves and then went to Wal-Mart for a few grocery items and I found Sam's Christmas gift. I ordered Jeremy's gift online so I think I am about done with Christmas shopping. When I got home we put our Christmas tree up and some other decorations. I put lights around my mantel and it looks pretty. I have a lot of Christmas and snowmen knick-knacks but I am not going to put all of that out this year. Well the kids are extremely excited with the Christmas decorations but so far they have been good about not pulling on everything. We will see how long that lasts. I have a feeling December is going to be a long month. Well Jeremy is about to leave to get some work done and then he has a Bible study tonight with the teens, so I better get a few things done before he leaves. 

Friday, November 28, 2008

We had a wonderful time last night at Jeremy's parents house. We had a delicious meal and the kids had fun playing. Sam and Emma ate good but Chloe slept through her first Thanksgiving meal. She woke up right when we were finishing up eating. She ate a little turkey, dressing and some sweet potatoes. She was pretty clingy the first few hours we were there but she warmed up and loved having her Uncle Jacob hold her. I put the girls to bed at about 8:30 and they went down without any problems. About midnight Emma decided that she was no longer happy sleeping at Gran and Papa's house. She woke up whining and screaming "bed, bed". She wanted to sleep in her own bed. It is hard to convince a two year old that that is not going to happen. We gave her a drink. We took her potty. We tried everything to get her mind off of being upset and to back to sleep. She was in the bed with us and Jeremy was holding her but she still continued to scream. We were all getting so hot trying to calm her down. We finally opened a window and she cooled down and finally went to sleep.  This went on until 2:30 this morning. We all slept until about 8. We then got up and ate breakfast and Jeremy and I braved the crowds at the stores. We went to Target, Toys R Us, and Wal-Mart. We got the kids a dual DVD player for the van. That was kinda a big gift for all three kids. We then had some Toys R Us gift cards that we used to get each kid two more gifts. We ended up only spending $7.00 on their gifts. We still need to get Sam another gift because we could not find what he wants today. Well the kids are getting hungry. We are planning on putting up our Christmas tree tonight. I guess I will see how it goes and if it gets to be too much temptation for the kids I may just take it back down. I also have a mound of laundry to put away. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so much to be thankful this year, but I am so thankful that all of my kids are home. Last year we had just gotten Emma immigration approval and we were expecting her arrival any day. We had no idea that we would be waiting another three months to see our precious little girl. We also had no idea that we would get another extra blessing. Well, we have been pretty lazy this morning. We are watching the Titans play or should I say demolish the Lions. The kids are in the bath and we are making plans to leave in a few hours to go to Jeremy's parents. We are having our meal at about 5:30. We are then staying the night at Jeremy's parents house. I am still trying to decide if I want to go shopping early tomorrow. Well the kids are ready to get out of the bath. I hope you all have a wonderful day.
This was taken last Thanksgiving. We were in Illinois and we all took the train to Chicago. Sam loved the train ride.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not much to post today. Yesterday was a good day. I finally went back to Curves and it felt so great. I do not know why I have trouble getting there because I love going. Starting next week I am definitely going to be better about getting in three days a week. I am going to start going in to work later so I am going to try and to Curves first thing in the morning like I was doing last Summer. Well, we have a fun day planned today for Jeremy and I. We are taking the youth group to Opry Mills for a scavenger hunt and a movie. The kids(yes all three) are going to Gran and Papa's house for the afternoon. We are trying to get Chloe used to them before she starts staying with them while I am at work. They are actually only going to keep the girls starting in January. I am going to put Sam in some kind of K4 class. It would be a lot for Jeremy's parents to keep all three and I think Sam needs to be in some sort of classroom setting for a few months. Well we are getting ready to go. Jeremy is giving blood before we meet at the church. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I will have plenty of pictures to post on Friday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yesterday went really well. My dentist appointment lasted about 2 and half hours but he was able to get everything fixed. I was not sedated this time but it did not bother me.  I kinda laughed because the dentist told me that yesterday's appointment was going to be easy but I do not consider a filling and 3 crowns and easy appointment. The numbness in my face wore off very soon after the appointment and I actually felt pretty good. My mouth was a little sore and my jaw was hurting from having my mouth open that long. The procedures were not painful they were just really noisy. There was a lot of drilling going on in my mouth. After the dentist I made a quick run to the bank and then we went to see our friend play basketball. We only stayed for one game because the kids got pretty restless. We then came home and just lounged around. Today is going to be a major cleaning day at my house. I am going to try and get to everyone's closet and get rid of things we do not wear anymore. I am about to leave in a few minutes to go to Curves. I have not been all month and I can feel it. I am then going to make a quick trip to the grocery store and then get to cleaning. Well the kids are doing great. Sam is my little helper and is very sweet to the girls. He is getting so big and he just makes me laugh all the time. The other morning Emma was whining about needing a drink and Sam said, "Mom I think she needs a 'brhd1'." He spelt these words out thinking he was spelling drink. We spell a lot of words out in our house around Emma and I guess Sam has picked up on that. Sam also is driving us crazy about putting our Christmas tree up. I have not decided if I am going to put one up this year. I do not think that Chloe and Emma will be able to keep themselves from touching it or pulling down on their head. Emma is doing good. She has been extra whiny the past few days. She is also growing up so quickly. She has really been talking lately. She is also still doing good with going potty. We switched her to pull-ups last week. We are still not pushing her to do it but she goes several times a day in the potty and is usually good about telling us when she has to go. Chloe is still adjusting and her personality is starting to shine. She still smiles all the time and has the cutest dimple under her eye. She is not really trying to say anything but I guess she has only been home 3 weeks. Well I better get going. I am going to get the laundry started started before I head out.
Sam now has to sit in the back of our van and he just looks so far away. Yesterday I had my camera and he wanted me to take a picture of him. He looks so tiny. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

We had a good weekend. I had a great time with the girls from my youth group Friday night. It was nice to have a fun night without chasing around three little ones. On Saturday we all slept in a little and then Jeremy and Sam went to eat lunch together. Well when Jeremy went to the van we had a flat. The air had been getting low but Saturday it was flat. Jeremy and Sam took the van to Sam's Club and spent most off the day getting two new tires. I also sent him to the grocery store for a few things so I would not have to get out. Sunday was church. Chloe stayed with me during Sunday school and I stayed with her in the nursery during church. Even with me in the nursery she hung on for dear life to my neck. She finally got down and played but she had to have one hand on me at all times. Sunday afternoon we took naps and then we had a Thanksgiving meal at church. The kids ate great and of course made a big mess. Well we are getting ready to leave. I have to go back to the dentist to finish the work. I am not looking forward to it. My teeth were finally starting to feel better. It also is raining and cold so I hate getting the kids out. Jeremy is home this week so that will be a help. Well I better go. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Eat, Sleep, Change, Repeat

Have you ever seen the movie "Groundhog Day"? The movie is about a man that keeps reliving the same day. He wakes up every morning and the same things are happening. Well that is how my life feels like. We wake up and I get the kids breakfast. The kids play for a few hours while I try to pick the house up. I change a few diapers and I get the kids dressed for the day. I get the girls down for a nap and get an hour or so to get things done without my shadows. The girls wake up and I change two more diapers. I get the kids lunch and then we start the same routine. I hate to admit but I am kinda ready to get back to work. I can say that since I only work a few days a week. I am going back to work on December 1st but I am only working a few hours on Monday and Friday. I am going to ease back into work. Well we do not have a busy weekend planned. I am going to a movie tonight with some girls from church. Jeremy will have the kids all by himself tonight. Tomorrow we will probably just stay home. Sunday is church and Sunday night is our Thanksgiving meal at church. Well I am going to get the girls down for their afternoon nap. I might take one myself. 
My sleeping beauties

Monkey see, monkey do

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have not quite figured out my kids fascination with our dish washer, but just like the other two did when they first came home Chloe comes running every time I start to load or unload the washer. She wants to touch everything. I decided to post the video tonight because I am not sure if I will have the computer tomorrow. Anyway, here is the girl in action. Oh, I also want to say I am sorry that I have been repeating myself. I think I have posted every day about Chloe's eating habits and that she is off the bottle. I seem to be a little more scatter brained these days and I cannot seem to remember what I am posting. The days are all kind of running together. It has felt like Friday all week. 
Well my parents just left. I am very thankful that they were able to come and help me. The kids had a great time with my parents. It was nice for Sam to get some extra attention from my dad and Emma got a little extra attention from my mom. It has been hard on my the past few days not being able to give all three kids the attention I would like to give them. With all of the excitement  Chloe has stayed pretty close. She did so good this week and I feel like she is attaching nicely to our family. It was nice to have a little alone time this week too. I ran a few short errands this week while my mom stayed with the kids and last night Jeremy and I went to a coffee shop with our youth group without our kids. We go every Wednesday night to a new coffee shop in town and we are usually chasing around our kids and it gets stressful. Well I am feeling much better today. My mouth still is sore and I am still eating soft foods. I have to go back to the dentist on Monday for him to finish the work. They were nice to work me in next week because Jeremy is off of school all next week. 
Well Chloe is still doing really good. She is sleeping well at night and takes two naps a day. She is very easy to get to sleep. I lay her on her belly and pat her back and she is out. She is eating great and is completely off her bottle. She is drinking from a cup and trying to use a spoon. She sometimes says "hi" or "hey" but that is about all she is saying. She is really starting to jabber and she really tries to talk to us when she wants something. She kinda sounds like a caveman the way she just kinda grunts and babbles. She is just so sweet and I cannot imagine life with out her. The other night the girls were in bed and Jeremy was on one couch and Sam and I were on the love seat and it hit me that just a year ago it was just the three of us. What a difference a year can make. Well I better go. Sam is wanting some lunch. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well I am doing OK. I took a pill last night that was supposed to knock me out but it did not keep me from hearing Chloe crying out. I slept from about 8:30- 12:30 really great but then I was up on and off the rest of the night. When I woke up this morning I felt about the same as normal. I got to the dentist at 7 and then took me back to the room. They gave me some other kind of medicine under my tongue to dissolve that was supposed to help relax me and put me practically asleep. Well, I started to feel a little relaxed but I definitely was aware of what was going on. I was very uncomfortable. They numbed my mouth so I did not feel pain but I it was stressful knowing all the things they were doing in my mouth. It took them 4 hours and they still did not finish. I have to go back for them to finish up three more things. My back was hurting from laying down in the chair and they could not give me any more medicine to relax me. I looked pretty crazy when I was done and my face was numb. I came home and drank some water and ate some soup and went to sleep. When I woke up my face had feeling back but my mouth is really sore. Well I am going to get the kids to bed. Thanks for all of your prayers!

Monday, November 17, 2008

We had a great weekend. Saturday morning our picture session did not go so great but we did manage to get a couple of good shots of our family. Samuel was the only one that would have his picture with Santa but that turned out cute too. We had Emma's birthday party Friday afternoon. She got a bunch of cute Dora stuff. Chloe did good but I think she was a little overwhelmed with the number of people in our house. She wanted to be held by me or Jeremy. After people started to leave she started getting more comfortable with getting down and playing. She mostly wanted to play with Emma's new toys. She was a little fussy Saturday night but slept pretty good. Yesterday we had Chloe's baby dedication. She was such a ham. She just smiled and jabbered the whole time we were up on stage. She also had an issue with me sitting on the pew like I thought she might. I ended up taking her to the nursery after the dedication. I stayed up there with her and she still did not want me to sit down with her. I sat on the floor with her but I had to sit behind the rocking chair with her. She did not like the couple in the nursery looking at her. After church we went to Applebee's for lunch. Chloe once again did really good at the restaurant. After lunch my brother and his family came over and stayed the afternoon. We watched the Titan's game and just hung out around the house. My nephew, Kraig, actually cleaned out my garage. It looks really great. Well, Emma and Chloe are playing a little better together. Chloe is still eating well and I have actually got her off the bottle and drinking from a cup. They all three are just so sweet and I am constantly amazed at my three precious gifts. Well the girls are in the bath and I am also about to go to bed. I am having my dental work done in the morning. I have to take a pill tonight to help me sleep and then the dentist will give me something else when I get to the office. I have to be there at 7 AM and he cleared his schedule until noon but I am hoping it will not take that long. I am not sure how I will feel the next few days so I may not be posting. Enjoy the pictures of Emma's party.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sorry no pictures to post tonight, but I did want to give a quick update of the day. Well my parents got in last night and I was very nervous about Chloe's response to them. I felt like it would be the first test to how she is adjusting. When my parents got here she smiled at them but she clung to me for dear life. After a few hours she started to loosen up a little. I was making supper so I had to put her down and my mom was standing up so Chloe went to her and reached for her. My mom picked her up but she made sure she knew where I was at all times. My mom held her for a few minutes and then Chloe reached for me. This is how it went all night. She let my dad hold her for a few minutes but then she wanted down and came back to me. She was still all about momma so I was pleased. She woke up this morning and was VERY clingy to me. I guess when she saw that my mom was still here she may have been afraid that she would once again be changing families. It is very sad all the emotional trauma adoptive kids have to live through. Even as babies they get passed from one person to the next. It has to be frightening for them. We went to a few stores today. I had to get some groceries. I tried to get enough to last the next week. I am having all my dental work done on Tuesday and I am not real sure how I will be feeling. we also went out to eat for the first time with three kids. Chloe did really good. She sat in a high chair and ate whatever I put in front of her. She did not fuss at all. Jeremy and I did realize that we will not be eating out much. It is a lot of work getting all three kids down to eat and keeping them somewhat calm. We had help with them tonight and it was still a little unnerving. 
Well we have a super busy weekend planned. Tomorrow morning we are having the kids picture taken with Santa and our family is having a holiday portrait made. Jeremy and some others from our church are doing a fund raiser for their trip to Costa Rica this summer. After pictures I have to run back to Wal-Mart and pick up Emma's cake and some Whit's BBQ for Emma's party. I put up some of the decorations tonight and my mom is going to clean up the house while we are getting the pictures made. So, tomorrow will be a long day. On Sunday we are having Chloe's baby dedication at church since my family will be in town. Well I guess I better get some sleep while the kids are sleeping. I will have plenty of pictures from the weekend to share Sunday night or Monday. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well yesterday was pretty uneventful. The kids slept good Tuesday night but I did not sleep so great. I think I mentioned that Chloe flops around all night so I was afraid she was going to fall off the bed. All night I was trying to make sure she stayed away from the edge. Chloe also grits her teeth. I hate the sound of someone gritting their teeth. She also does it during the day sometimes. The girls are taking some medicine for their cold so they both took two great naps yesterday. The second nap time I actually put Sam down for a nap too. So I had about two hours of peace yesterday. Last night we took Chloe to church. She did really good. When someone would smile at her or talk to her she always looked at me first to see if it was OK. We are still limiting who holds her but she did not try to go to anyone. She actually would pull her hand away when someone tried to touch her. She did smile and jabber but she stayed close to Jeremy or myself. She is very sweet and everyone keeps telling me she looks like me. It is kinda weird the similarities. Well last night was not a great sleep night for me and Emma. I did put up a bed rail on my bed so I would not worry about Chloe falling off. Well Jeremy, Chloe and I slept in our bed. Poor Jeremy has been sleeping on the couch. Chloe kicks him all night when he has tried to sleep in the bed with us, so I was sleeping in the middle. Well, Sam woke up once to go the bathroom and Emma woke up every few hours for a drink. I read that the medicine may make her thirsty and it has definitely made her thirsty. Well I felt bad getting out of the bed so I slept for a few hours on a little mattress in the floor and then I slept a few hours on the couch. So as you can imagine I am pretty tired today. Well my parents are coming in this afternoon so I better get going. I have a couple hundred things to do before they get here.
Yesterday I was putting the girls down for a nap, so I was in their room for about 10 minutes. I came back out and I could not find Sam. He was folded up in the little crate. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OK, so today has been the hardest so far. Emma had a doctor's appointment this morning at 9. Emma and Chloe decided to take turns sleeping last night. Chloe and I went to sleep at 7:50 last night and I thought I was going to get a great nights sleep. Well at about 12:30 Chloe started crying and tossing around until about 4:00 this morning. Emma woke up at about 1 AM and went back to sleep about 4:15. So, they both were extremely cranky this morning. Chloe cried and wanted me to hold her all morning. We finally got out the door and I had all the kids loaded in the van and I realized that Maggie was still outside on her leash. So I got out of the van to put Maggie in the house and Chloe was screaming her head off. We got to the doctor and my friend met me there to take Samuel. The girls did pretty good at the doctor. Emma was so good. She had to get two shots but she handled it fine. She is really tiny (not like those who know her did not already know that). She only weighs 21 pounds and she is almost 33 inches long. She is in the zero percentile for her weight and in the 20% for her height. Her BMI is only 1. She is growing at a great rate so the doctor said there was nothing to worry about. He also called in some medicine for Emma's cold. Well I better get off here. The kids are pretty wild tonight.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!

It is hard to believe that Emma is already two years old. I just glanced over to her and she is picking her cereal up with her toes and putting it in her mouth! She is so silly. We do not have much planned for her birthday today. I bought her a little cake and we have her her present yesterday. We are having her party on Saturday. I went yesterday and ordered her Dora cake. Emma seemed to be feeling better today. Her nose is still a little runny but nothing like the last two days. I am very sleepy today. Emma was up at 4:15 AM and and I thought I got her back to sleep, but she kept waking up every 5 minutes. There was not any room in our bed and I could not leave Chloe in the bed. She tosses a lot and she almost falls off the bed every night. Emma finally went back to sleep but all three were in my room at 6:30. It is not necessarily hard to have three kids but they do wear me out. They are all so busy. Emma is always standing on a chair or stool to reach something that she should not be touching. Samuel is pretty active and whatever he does his sisters follow. Chloe has to touch EVERYTHING and we have to keep the bathroom doors closed. She has been caught playing in the toilet three times now and I know that I have mentioned that Sam does not flush the toilet. Well I am going on my first adventure with all three kids today. Jeremy's school is having a baby shower for us after school, which I think is just soo sweet. They wanted the kids and I to come. When they first planned it we were not expecting to have Chloe. Well I am going to try and finish up the laundry today. I was going to clean today but I better wait until it gets closer to the party. I tend to be more stressed out on the days that I am cleaning. I guess it is because I put one thing up to every two things the kids drag back out. 

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I know I do not usually post twice in one day but the kids are asleep and Jeremy went to the Vandy game with my brother, so I thought I would share a few more details from today. I am also waiting for my Tylenol PM to kick in. Monday on the way home I pulled something in my neck and shoulder and it has gradually been getting worse. It also has not helped lugging a 20 pound child around. I have a spot at the base of my head that is hurting soo bad. I think it is just a muscle. I also forgot to mention that Chloe is 16 months old today. She is such a joy to our family. We keep forgetting that she has only been home 5 full days! Emma and Chloe have been quite a pair today. They have fought over every toy that the other one has. It is hard because Chloe does not understand. You can tell she has been an only child the past 15 months. Poor Emma is also not feeling good so I think that added to some of the irritation on Emma's part. We decided to keep Chloe home tomorrow for church. Jeremy was going to take Sam and Emma, but I have decided to also keep Emma home. She has a bad cold. I know everyone is very eager to see Chloe but we just think it is best not to have her around a lot of people for a few more days. We are also having an issue with Chloe not wanting to be held while you are sitting on furniture. I guess she was always held while sitting on the floor. She has been doing much better today about being held on the couch but we do not think she will sit still being held on a pew for an hour. Well I am starting to feel sleepy but I have one story about Sam. 
Earlier tonight the girls and I were in the living room and Sam was in the girls room watching a movie. Sam came running in the living room so excited saying, "Mom, come quick. Come mom. come and look what I did." I said "Sam what did you do?" Sam then said, "I made a lamp."I then remembered that I had a lamp on the dresser that was not plugged in. So I said to Sam," Did you plug in that lamp without asking mom?" I started to get up and he said, "No mom don't come, please don't come." It made me laugh how quickly he changed when he thought he was in trouble.
The kids having a picnic in the living room. I was surprised that Chloe stayed on the blanket.

Sam is making out his Christmas list.

We (I mean me) survived the night! Emma went to bed at 8:30 and Sam went to sleep at about 8:45. Both of them went to bed on their own so there was not any fits from them. At about 9:00I wen in my room and laid Chloe down and she went right to sleep. She did not cry or anything. Emma was sleeping in our bed and I made a bed on the floor for Sam, also in my room. I thought for sure that Chloe would wake them up because bed time is usually a time she cries ALOT. All three kids slept great. In fact Chloe is still asleep. Sam is however getting on my nerves a little concerning his new morning routine. He has been waking up soo early. He knows that if he wakes up before everyone else he can go play in his room. He usually does good about that but the past week he comes in my room to wake all of us up. Well, Chloe is eating great and her little personality is coming out. She is starting to hold her own with Emma. She has been pushed down about 6 times the last few days. Chloe is playing really good with Sam and Emma and all their toys but she is my little shadow if I am walking around. Well Chloe just woke up. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

I have three runny nose kids on my hands. The last few nights Sam and Emma have been coughing during the night and have woken up with stuffy noses. Well yesterday Chloe's nose started running and Sam and Emma woke up this morning with a runny nose. Chloe had a little fever last night and had some trouble falling asleep. I gave her a little Tylenol and she finally fell asleep at 11:00. After she fell asleep she slept all night. We got up at 7:30 but she probably would have slept longer if her brother had not come in and woke her up. They have all eaten breakfast and Jeremy is about to leave with Sam and Emma. They are going to get a new DVD player for the kid's room. The last few weeks Emma has been trying to work the DVD player by herself. I have caught her trying to shove 3-4 DVDs in it. She also has knocked it off the dresser several times and she likes to turn it off and on. Well last night she wanted to watch Dora and the player was completely broken. We have a gift card left over from Sam's birthday so we are going to use it to get the new player. The kids had a good time at the zoo yesterday. Sam and Emma loved the animals and Chloe seemed to enjoy being outside. Emma did get fussy because she did not like sitting in the stroller. We made it to the social security office but we did not go to Jeremy's school.
Well I tried to get back to life last night. We have just been playing the past few days. I tried to run a few loads of laundry and get the house picked up. I am also trying to get prepared for tonight. Jeremy is taking some kids to a youth retreat. It was planned a long time ago and we were not expecting Chloe to be home by now, so Jeremy will be gone from about 5:00 tonight until tomorrow morning. So I may be insane by tomorrow. I am really going to wish I had a King size bed tonight. Well it is time for Chloe's morning nap. Here are a few pictures from the zoo. I LOVE the picture of Jeremy and Chloe. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yesterday after Chloe woke up she seemed to be more clingy to me. She would cry ever time I left the room. She was also much more vocal yesterday. Monday and Tuesday she was very quiet but yesterday she was babbling more and just making more noise. She also ate much better yesterday. Emma went to bed last night about 8:00 and slept until 7:30. Chloe, Sam, and myself went to bed at about 9:30 and Chloe and I slept until 8:30 this morning. Chloe cried out twice last night but I think it was from Sam kicking her or bumping into her. Sam also wet the bed at 2:00 AM so we were up getting him changed. Emma is in a much better mood this morning. We actually have a busy afternoon. We are going up to take the kids to the zoo for a few hours. We are then going to the Social Security Office to apply for Emma's social security number. Then we are going to go by Jeremy's school to show off Chloe. Well I better get everyone ready to go. This will be our first official trip out of the house with all three kids. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We all slept pretty good last night. Chloe and I went to bed at 9:00 last night and she slept until 7:00 this morning. She woke up a few times in the night. She would cry out and then go right back to sleep. Emma woke up this morning in a foul mood. I think she is annoyed that Chloe is still here. She has been throwing fits all morning. Emma and Chloe went down for a nap at about 9:30. I then went to run a few errands while they were asleep. I got back a little while ago and Chloe is still sleeping. Chloe has been doing so good but I am a little worried that she is doing too well. I know that may sound weird, but for adoptive parents it may lead to attachment issues. I am not freaking out about it right now because she has only been home a few days but I am going to watch it. She had some paperwork in her bag that gave us some recent information about what she was eating and how she was sleeping and things like that. Well in the paper it said something about her being drawn to strangers who showed her attention. It was just a strange thing to say. Anyway, she is just so sweet. We weighed her last night and she weighs 20 pounds. Well Chloe just woke up so I better go.