Monday, October 20, 2008

We had a good weekend. We went to eat at Logan's for Jeremy's birthday supper on Friday night. After we ate we went to the store. I wanted to find an outfit for Chloe to wear on the day we get her. I found a really cute outfit but I am not sure what size she is right now. I guess I will bring a couple outfits in different sizes. We all slept in on Saturday and then I went to Curves to exercise. Jeremy took the kids out for lunch so I could get the house cleaned and then they all came home and took a nap. We then had 6 teens from church come over for a Bible study. I took the kids to a friends house so I could actually participate in the Bible study. I picked up the kids about 9:00 and I thought they would be fast asleep by the time we got home but they were wired. So they did not get to sleep until after 10. I woke up Sunday with a massive headache. I was also sick to my stomach. I do not know if it was sinus stuff or what. After church we ate lunch and then came home and took a nap. The nap helped my headache a little. After church Sunday night we had a fellowship at church. Emma was playing and she came up to me and grabbed her diaper and said "potty". I took her in the bathroom and sat her on the toilet and she actually went! I was so surprised. When we got home last night she was standing in the living room doing her "number two" stance and I took her in the bathroom and she went in the toilet. I am not going to push her but I am going to try to start working with her.

Well we got an e-mail from our agency today and they received the pictures of Chloe. They sent them to us today and we should get them tomorrow. We were also told that the time frame is about 4 weeks or so. The e-mail makes me a little nervous but Jeremy said I was just reading into it too much. I did not like "or so" part of her e-mail. Our social worker said something about the director going to Korea the week of Nov. 17th so if Chloe was not home by then she would bring back pictures and new measurements. So it makes me kinda sick to my stomach to think if she is not home by then.  We are not sure if the time reflects the quick turn around at the visa center. So we are hoping maybe three weeks. I really am trying to stay calm but it is getting harder.
We did get a receipt from the Visa Center today to verify that it was the correct form sent this time so that was encouraging. They did not send anything like that with Emma which would have been helpful. Well I will post the new pictures of Chloe tomorrow night. Sam and I are going to the dentist in the morning and then I am going to go vote. I am hoping the dentist is not as bad as I am expecting. I have not been in a long time. 

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