Sunday, October 5, 2008

We have had a good day. After church we came home and had lunch at home today. The kids took a short nap and I just rested on the couch. The first Sunday night of the month we take the youth group to the Ronald Mc Donald House to make supper for the families that are staying there. We took about 20 kids. Sam and Emma spent the evening with Jeremy's sister Janna and her boyfriend Brandon. It was nice to be kid free for the night (at least kid free from my kids). It is really difficult going on youth outings and worrying about my little ones too. We had a good time. Some of our kids are really hurting right now and it breaks my heart when I think about the things they have to deal with at this time in their life. Well I am going to get ready for bed. We have an early start tomorrow. Please pray for me tomorrow as I anticipate a response from Immigration. I am so nervous about what they will say. I do not want to go through the hassle I went through with Emma's paperwork. I am not sure how much fight I have left. Well I took this picture of the kids this morning before church and I think it is one of my favorites. I am constantly amazed at the blessings in my life!

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