Friday, October 10, 2008

It is hard to believe but my little Emma will be 2 years old in one month. She is doing so good and is very sweet. We have our court date scheduled on October 27th to finalize her adoption. I am hoping that she does not mind a new baby sister. I think she is going to have a rough time sharing us with Chloe. 
Well it was a pretty tiring day. I was pretty much out of it today. This morning the lady I work for sent me on a few errands. I went to Whole Foods which is about 20 minutes from their house and I have been there a dozen times. Well on the way back to the house I was in my own thoughts and I looked up and realized that I did not know where I was. I had totally missed my turn and I was not sure where I had missed it. I was kinda nervous because I was driving in this rich neighborhood and everything looked the same. I just kept driving and turning down streets that I thought sounded familiar. Well thankfully I came out on a road that I knew but I was about 20 miles from where I needed to be. I went on to my next errand and got myself some Starbucks and it seemed to perk me up a little.  The rest of the day just kinda dragged on. After work I went to Target to get some milk and apple juice and then came home and made supper. The kids are playing and Jeremy is about to head out to the PVCS football game. I have decided to just stay in tonight. I have to work tomorrow so I am going to try to get to bed early. Well here are a few pictures of the kids at the library on Saturday. I did not think I could get away with not posting pictures again.

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