Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well my very uneventful day has become a very exciting day. I checked the mail box like 5 times this morning hoping the mail had finally been delivered. I had a weird feeling but that would not of been the first time I felt that way and nothing came of it. I went back to check it at about 12:30 and I saw that we had mailed. I pulled the letters out and I saw that we had an envelope from Immigration. I was hoping that it was not another receipt or a letter saying we needed something else for the approval. I opened it up and saw that it was indeed the approval for Chloe to get her visa and finally be home. I obviously started crying. Most of you know what a relief it was to get the approval. I came back inside and got myself and the kids ready as fast as I could and headed out to fax the approval to our adoption agencies. We got back a few minutes ago and the reality of the situation is setting in. I am not sure how long it will take for her travel call but maybe I will find out more at the beginning of the week. I am going to call the National Visa Center next week to make sure we are logged in and make sure that the correct papers were sent to their office. Well I now realize how much I need to do before Chloe gets home so I guess I better get a game plan. I just want to say "thanks" to everyone who is praying for my family. In the next few days I ask that you will pray that everything will continue to move along quickly and smoothly. I also ask that you will pray for Chloe. Ask God to help her feel our love. Pray that God will prepare Chloe to leave all that she knows to come to our family. Pray that God will give comfort to the precious foster mother who has loved and taken such good care of our little one. One more, please pray for Sam and Emma to also adjust to our new addition. 

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Melissa said...

That is GREAT news!! It won't be long now!