Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We had a pretty good day. Emma fell out of the bed last night so she ended up in our bed and I slept with Sam. I actually slept pretty good once I got settled. The kids slept until 8 AM. I still have a major headache but I am feeling better than I have been the last few days. The kids and I stayed in today until church time. We went to church and then we got home just in time to see the Cubs lose the game. It is a little tense around our house since Jeremy's baseball team the Dodgers is playing the Cubs in the first round of the playoffs. We are trying not to be mean about it :) Jeremy took the day off tomorrow so I am going to try to get to Curves in the morning. Well I guess you can tell that it is pretty boring around here. I have posted some pictures of the kids playing today. I love the last picture of Emma. She is so sweet.

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