Thursday, October 2, 2008

We all slept great last night. Sam and I slept in the kids bed and Jeremy and Emma slept in our bed. We just started out there so we could all (mostly Jeremy and I) get a goods night sleep. My headache is better today. Last night I put Vicks all over my face to relieve the major sinus headache I have been having and I think it helped. Well we all slept until 8 and then we had an exciting situation. Jeremy opened the back door to put Maggie out and one of the kittens, which is not much of a kitten anymore, ran into the house. Have I also mentioned that the kittens are completly wild. Well the cat ran into Sam's room and was going CRAZY. It kept jumping all over the room knocking things down. I kept trying to corner it but I was afraid it would attack me. We all just kept chasing it around trying to get it back to the door. It was making the weirdest sound. I guess it was meowing, but I never heard a cat sound like that. Well we finally got it back to the back door but instead of going out the door it started climbing up my curtains! We knocked it off and it finally went out the door. It is so strange because the kittens usually run as soon as we open a door. Jeremy went to the Dollar Store yesterday to get them some cat food and he bought the generic kind and the cats do not want to eat it. Who would of guessed that they would be so picky. They will just have to get over it and eat it. It was also very cold in out house this morning. Jeremy turned the heat on just to break the chill and Sam and Emma went and sat on the heat vent. They were cold and they thought it was funny. I remember my sister and I doing that when we were little. Well they were sitting on the vent and Sam said, "Hey mom take a picture of us being so cute." So that is what I did. I made pancakes for breakfast and then I went to exercise. Jeremy left a few minutes ago to go up to Pleasant View Christian School. A junior at the school was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. We have about 8 juniors in our youth group that go to PVCS and Jeremy went up there in case anyone needed to talk. It is very sad. Well I am going to get Sam down for a nap. Emma fell asleep about 20 minutes ago. Oh, I e-mailed Memphis Immigration office today. I am trying not to expect anything exciting from them but I had to see if they would give me some kind of timeframe. I searched online today to see if anyone has posted anything about the timeframe but I could not find anything. I was reading the blog of another adoptive parent that was expecting her daughter home already and they found out that their paperwork (along with several other families) has been misplaced in the Korean government. Please pray for them and please pray that all will go smoothly with Chloe's paperwork. I will let you know if Memphis responds to my e-mail.

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