Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well once again we have a very uneventful day planned. I need to get out and go to the bank but I am not sure I want to load the kids up for one errand. I am going to try to exercise when Jeremy gets home but it depends on when he gets home. He has report cards due tomorrow and it is taking him forever to fill them out. He might stay after school to work on them. The kids are doing good. Emma is still saying new words every day. Samuel is just growing up so fast. I know they have their moments but I am very blessed to have such sweet children. Well not much more to say. I am going to work on the laundry a little today. I am also going to attempt to get the kids summer clothes packed away and see what I have for them for Fall. It is raining today but thankfully it has cooled down here. It has been so warm the past few days. Still no word on our I600 approval or when our new pictures of Chloe will be arriving. Hopefully soon! Well Emma just spilt her Cheerios all over the floor so I better get it cleaned up.

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