Thursday, October 9, 2008

There is not much going on around here today. I am going to get the house cleaned and try to get caught up on the laundry. Sam and Emma love just staying home and playing. I am feeling much better this morning, physically and emotionally. The chiropractor could not believe how knotted up ALL my muscles were last night when I went to get adjusted. I think he cracked every bone in my body. I am still a little sore but nothing like I had been feeling. I am also more at ease about Chloe's paperwork. I feel better that higher up people will also be making sure that everything in done properly. I also feel better because at least this time we know exactly what to do if we have a problem. I forgot to mention that I talked to the doctor yesterday about those cafe au lait spots on Chloe. I also brought in the pictures of the spots so he could see them. He was very confident that based on the size and that she only had two spots there should not be any problems. He said it is very common for babies to have these. Well Emma is now into Dora the Explorer. She points to the TV all the time and says "Dora, Dora". Sam is also into a new show. He loves the show "Imagination Movers" on Playhouse Disney. He dances and sings with their songs. It is so cute. Last night on the way home from church Sam was singing this song about Thomas the Train and he was obviously making it up as he went along. Jeremy said, "Sam is that song on your movie or are you making it up?" Sam responded, "No dad I am making it DOWN." It was so funny. Well I better get to work. The day just seem to get away from me on the days I am home.

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