Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well I woke up this morning very cranky. Sam was up in the middle of the night. He was crying and wanted me to hold him but I made him stay in the bed. I then woke up startled to find him standing right beside the bed. I was too tired to take him back to his bed so I just let him climb in our bed. He is getting too big for the three of us to be in the same bed so I ended up getting up and going to sleep with Emma. I slept really good in her bed but I woke up with a headache. The kids were pretty crazy today so that did not help my mood. Sam kept taking everything away from Emma. I think he likes to hear her scream. I got some of the house back in order but it does not look it. I did get most of the laundry done (washed and dried anyway). The kids and I stayed in today and I got a chance to do some more reading. When Jeremy got home I went to Curves and then came home made supper and I plan on doing some more reading. I am trying to hold myself back from e-mailing Immigration to see if I could get a status on Chloe's paperwork but I will give it another week. We have been waiting five weeks now. Well the kids have escaped from their room so I better round them back up. They get too crazy around this time of night when we let them run around in the living room. 

                           Emma loves to eat yogurt but this is how she looks while eating it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

We had a good weekend. We had Sam's birthday party on Saturday and he had a blast. He got a lot of neat Thomas the Train stuff and Jeremy and I decided that he definitely has enough Thomas stuff. Emma also got a bunch of presents. I guess everyone had the same idea of not leaving Emma out so they bought her something too. I almost added Emma's name to the cake and say it was her birthday party too. I am constantly amazed at how many people love my kids. I am very blessed to have so many good friends that would do anything for our family. Everyone left at about 7 o'clock and then we just relaxed and Sam played with his new toys. I still have not quite got the house back together. That is the plan for tomorrow. Sunday after church we went to some friends house for lunch and had a nice afternoon. We then came home and we all took naps. I am not sure what my problem is but I just have not been feeling great the past few days. I woke up yesterday and two more fever blisters had popped up on my upper lip. I usually get them after I have been stressed, but I have not felt very stressed. I guess deep down though I am kinda in a frenzy. I cannot believe that it is almost October. I am having this internal struggle with being excited thinking that I can almost say the Chloe will be home next month but them I am scared to think like that just in case it is not November. I guess as the weeks go by I start to go into panic mode. I have felt really strange the past few days. I have had that familiar feeling that we are about to hear something but nothing yet. Well I am going to try to get to bed. Thankfully I have been sleeping better and so have the kids. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I know it has been a few days since I blogged but we have been pretty busy. Jeremy has been taking the computer with him to school so I have not been able to write in the day and we have been gone the past few nights. Samuel had a good birthday and we are having his party tomorrow. We stayed home Wednesday and then we went to eat before church. Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart and then we came back home. I have started ready a book series and so I have read two books in the past three days. I went to the store today to get the third book but they did not have it. I guess it was for the best because I still have a lot to do before the party. Jeremy's brother Josh and his family came in from North Carolina last night so we went to his parents last night to visit with them. The kids stayed the night with them so I did not have to bring them back this morning. I planned on cleaning the house last night but I was reading. I cannot remember the last time I actually sat down and read a book. It was really nice. Well here are some pictures of Sam on his birthday. I better get to cleaning. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well we had a pretty rough night. Emma woke up at about 2:00 and Jeremy put her in our bed. Jeremy then went into the bathroom and when he came out the light was still on and we discovered that Emma had a really bad bloody nose. So we picked her up and took her in the bathroom to clean her up and get her nose to stop bleeding. We were getting a little concerned because it bled and bled and bled. It finally stopped but she was restless the rest of the night. She woke up this morning with another bloody nose but this time it was not bad. She took two long naps today and seems to be feeling OK. Sam woke up this morning with a tummy ache. He was playing in his room and I heard him run into the bathroom and then I heard what I thought was him going to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom but he was standing up going to the bathroom and then noticed the mess on the floor. I guess he thought he was going to pass gas but it was more. Other then that we have had a pretty good day. Emma is finally putting several words together. Yesterday she said "it's hot" at lunch. She said "good girl" when she was petting Maggie and she said "show you" last night.
Well tomorrow is the big day. Samuel turns 4 years old. We are actually having his party on Saturday but we are taking him out to eat before church and we are going to let him open some of his presents from us and my parents. I cannot believe he is going to be four. There are many things that we have missed in the first few months of our children's lives, but the one thing about their life that I wish I could have experienced is the day they were born. When we go to the hospital when a baby is born it makes me really sad thinking about my kids on the day they were born. On the day they were born the air was not filled with joy and excitement. Their was no daddy or grandparent standing outside the window pointing out their pride and joy. There were no flowers, balloons, or teddy bears. The day they were born was filled with feelings of abandonment and uncertainty. It was filled with the sadness of a young mother who made the heartbreaking decision to give her baby opportunities that she could not give him. I say all of that for two reasons. First, every day but mainly on their birthday, I want them to know that they were born for a reason and that God has a special plan for their life even if the circumstances of their birth were not typical. Second, Sam and Chloe's birth mother has been on my heart all week. I ask that you would say a special prayer for her. It is already September 24th in Korea. My prayer is that she knows in her heart that her little boy is loved and healthy. She can be proud of this amazing little boy. I wish she could know how grateful we are for the loving decision she made four years ago. 

Samuel on his 3rd birthday

Monday, September 22, 2008

We had a good weekend. We just stayed home Saturday afternoon. My friend Lisa brought me a new comforter and assessories for the girl's room. Her daughter is getting new bedding so she passed it on to me and I am very thankful. I had not done anything with the room since we put the full size bed in there, so I moved their room around a little bit and put the new bedding on the bed. Sunday we went to church and then we went to Jeremy's parents for lunch. After lunch we came home for a few hours and then we went to our church picnic. I have posted a few pictures from the picnic. I also posted a video of Sam and my friend Jennifer's little girl, Sarah (yes, this is the same Sarah that says Sam is her boyfriend). They had an egg toss and the kids were pretty funny. I think Sam broke like 6 eggs. They had lots of fun. Sam's teeth are starting to grow kinda crooked and so his two front teeth are starting to have a gap in between them. Well last night Jeremy asked if Sam had something in his teeth and I told him that it was just a gap. Sam turned to Jeremy and said, "It's Ok dad, it's just a hole. I think I am missing a piece." It was so funny the way he said it. Well this morning I had to leave early and the kids were still sleeping so I just picked them up and put them in the van in the pj's and I brought them clothes to change into. Well today Gran and Papa took Sam and Emma to visit several people and made a few trips in Clarksville. When Jeremy went to pick them up this afternoon Sam was still wearing his pajamas! Jeremy asked his mom while he was still wearing them and she thought they were his clothes. Emma got a change because she sat on a blueberry, so she would have been in her pajamas too if not for the blueberry. It makes me laugh to think of Sam running around town wearing his pajamas. Oh well. Well we are going to stay in tomorrow and get some cleaning done.
Sam and Sarah playing the egg toss. You can see from the video they were doing whatever they wanted. They were not quite playing in right.
Sam and Brandon doing the three legged race

Sam and Sarah

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Last night Sam and I had a really sweet conversation. Before bed we were talking about his day and what he wanted for his birthday and some other stuff. I just love hearing him talk these days because his vocabulary is unbelievable and you never know what he is going to say. Well last night he said, "I love you mom" and I responded that I loved him too. He then said, "God loves me, God loves Emma, and God loves Chloe". His train of thought then shifted and he said, "Mom I sure hope Chloe is coming home soon. She is sad." So we talked about Chloe for a few minutes. He then wanted me to tell him again about his story on the airplane, which is the story about him coming from Korea and us meeting him at the airport and just loving him and hugging him. He then wanted to hear about Emma coming to live with us and of course he had some pretty cute additions to the story. We were just about to fall asleep and he hugged my arm and he said, "Mom, I am so glad I live in your house." Of course I started crying. Well we are about to head out for the day so I better get off the computer. Have a good weekend.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Last night was pretty crazy. We put Sam and Emma do bed and they were both about asleep and then Sam wanted a drink. Emma then started yelling for her drink. So I brought them a drink and they took a drink and then I took the drinks back to the kitchen, well Emma threw a fit. She did not like me taking her drink but there was no way I was going to let them sleep with their drinks. Emma screamed for like ten minutes and refused to lay back down in the bed and she refused to take the drink. I held her on the couch and she finally settled down. I tried to put her in the bed again and it started all over again. We then put her in our bed and she still was screaming. I gave her the drink back and she finally decided that she was done being mad and went sleep. I ended up sleeping with Sam and he kicked me most of the night. We were all up early and out the door by 6:45.  After work today we went for dinner and we finally got the mulch for the front yard. I have to work tomorrow and Jeremy has a breakfast at church in the morning so I guess we will work in the yard tomorrow afternoon. Sam and Emma are playing in the kitchen and I just heard Sam say to Emma, "Baby you stink. Baby you stink real bad". So I guess I better go change her. 
Sam "reading" his books

Emma wearing a headband

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well I could not get the video of the kids uploaded. It may be too long or something. I did post this video of Sam singing a song. Well I am feeling a little better this morning but I am still hurting. I also woke up this morning with a fever blister on my lip. The kids and I are going to the grocery store today so I will get some more medicine for my lip. We all slept OK last night but the kids did get up at about 2:30. We all switched beds and then we went back to sleep. We actually slept in until 8:30. Well I better get ready to go. I like going to the store in the morning so the kids can take a nap in the afternoon. I will try again later to post the other video.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am not sure what is going on with me but I woke up this morning and my lower back has been hurting so bad. Last night my stomach was hurting but I thought it was something I ate.So I am not sure if they are related. Yesterday we got a form from AIAA that we needed to sign and get notarized and sent back to them. When it comes to the babies in Korea they make sure that every condition of the child is noted. Chloe has two spots called cafe-au-lait spots. I know it sounds weird but they are spots that are very common in babies. They look almost like birthmarks but I guess (from what I have read online) if a child has more than 6 spots and the spots are a certain size they can signify that the child has another more serious genetic problem. So we had to sign a waiver from Korea saying that we are aware and accept the condition of the child. I know we are still waiting on Immigration clearance but from the wording on the papers it gave us that familiar feeling that it will be happening soon. Korea needs the waiver in order to get Chloe's visa. I have started to wish we were traveling to Korea to get Chloe but I know that it is best for her to be escorted. I think one trip to Korea in a year is enough. I also cannot imagine leaving Sam and Emma behind for a week. It was hard enough on me and Sam when we went to get Emma. I think it is also good that us traveling is unique to Emma's adoption. Well we just stayed home today. I was going to exercise but I am hurting too bad. I did get a video of the kids playing today. It is very rare footage because they usually start acting crazy when they see me get the camera out. Sam and Emma have been playing that they are driving a car. I also caught Emma getting mad and throwing her seat. I am trying to post the video but it is giving me trouble. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have one quick story. A few minutes ago Sam and Emma were in her room and we heard Emma screaming and Sam saying he was sorry and we heard kissing noises. They both came running in the living room and Emma is still screaming. So we ask Sam what happened and he said she bit him so he bit her back like I told him to do. Jeremy was trying to get out of them what exactly happened and Emma is just screaming. Samuel starts to walk out of the room and he looks at me and says, "Mom this is your fault." I had to laugh.
It is hard to believe that Emma has been home 7 months today. She is such a joy. We are staying home today. I think Tuesdays are going to be me cleaning day. I am not sure how the house got so messy when we have not even been home much the past few days. Well Sam and Emma both ended up in our bed early this morning, like 2:30. They both have just been getting out of bed and coming in our room without the yelling and crying. If they are going to wake up I would rather them just get up and come in our room, it scares me to death when I am woke up by one of them screaming. The bed got crowded so I ended up in Emma's bed. Samuel was up early again this morning. He came in the room with me and watched a movie and I slept a little more. I guess there is not much excitement around here today. I have posted some pictures of Sam and Emma that were taken Emma's first week home. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Well there has been so much going on since I last wrote. Our plans on Thursday got changed when Jeremy sent me a text at 4:00 telling me that their school was on lock down. I turned the news on and there was nothing major happening. He later found out a man was shot on the road that runs in front of the school. After they were given the clear Jeremy and a couple other teachers walked some of the kids home. Pretty scary stuff. If the incident would of happened about 10 minutes later school would have been let out and the kids would have been outside when it happened. It is sad what some of these young kids have to deal with every day of their life. Well Friday I worked all day and then went to Curves to exercise. We all just stayed home Friday night. Saturday I went to work and then I met Jeremy and the kids at his parents house. We left the car there and then we took the kids to my brother's house. The kids spent the evening being spoiled by Aunt Kelli. Sam has been wanting this train and has been driving me CRAZY about wanting it, well they went to Target and guess what he got? They were really good and had so much fun. Jeremy ran a 5K Saturday night and had fun. We then stayed in Nashville and actually got to sleep all night. I guess the problem with getting so much sleep is that you realize how much you miss it. We picked the kids up Sunday, ate lunch, and came home. The kids did sleep all night last night. Sam came in our room at 5:15 this morning and then Emma woke up at about 6. We were all up early because I had to work. I still have not taken many pictures the past few days but here are a few of Sam and Emma with their pumpkins. Emma new thing is she will pretend to burp and then say "gross". She is also all about peeking behind anything and saying "boo". Well Chloe's paperwork has been in Memphis three weeks now. Please keep praying everything is done correctly and quickly.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are having a pretty good day. I had to get out again today. I forgot to send something to the lawyer for Emma's adoption so I had to fax them the paper. The kids were good. When Jeremy gets home he and the kids are going to take me to Curves and then they are going to get some sandwhiches at Subway and then we are going to get some more mulch for the front of our house. We did not quite finish it this past weekend. We are trying to get some things done before Sam's birthday party in a few weeks. I have been pretty sappy about Sam turning 4 in a few weeks. I got some pictures out the other day because someone asked me if I thought Sam and Chloe looked like each other when he was her age and I had forgotten how small he was when he came home. I have not taken any pictures the last few days so I posted a few of Sam when he was a year old. The first two pictures were taken at his 1st birthday party. The first picture is him wearing his traditional Korean outfit that they wear on the 1st birthday. He did not like wearing it. It was big on him. He could probably wear it now. Emma is taking a nap right now and Sam is just playing with his toys. I did not sleep good last night. I was up pretty late just thinking about a bunch of stuff. I was also praying for my mom who had surgery today. My dad called and everything went as planned so I am thankful. I know she was just really nervous. I thought about laying down with Emma but I have to be at work at 7:15 in the morning so I better not nap or I won't sleep tonight. I have to work a few hours on Saturday and then Jeremy is running in a 5k. We are taking the kids to stay with my brother's family until Sunday. Well I am going to try to get the laundry put away. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My sweet Emma is 22 months old today. She is growing so much. She is starting to lose her baby face and it makes me a little sad. We have really been working on her using her words. I think she can say just about anything but she is pretty stubborn. The one word she still refuses to say is "please". I know she can say it because she has before but she just looks away when we tell her to say "please". We are also still working on her biting and now her new thing of scratching. I guess the only good thing about her bad habits is she reserves them for her brother. Sam has been biting her back and it seems to be helping. I think it is harder on Sam biting her back though then it is on Emma. Sam has plenty of misbehaving in him but hurting someone else is not his nature. Yesterday Emma bit Sam and I told her to give him a hug and tell him she was sorry. I have done this before and she would not do it. Well yesterday she went over to him and hugged him and said "sorry" just as plain as can be. It was sweet. When Jeremy got home he was holding her and he shook his head and said 'no' and she did the same thing. He then shook is head 'yes' and said 'yes', she repeated him. He then shrugged his shoulders and said 'maybe', she then shrugged her shoulders and said 'maybe'. We started laughing. It was so cute. Well I did not stay in today. The kids and I went up to Dollar General. I was out of eggs and apple juice so I decided to get out. I usually get in trouble when I go to Wal-Mart so at least I stayed away from that store. Well Sam is becoming my big helper these days. The past few nights he has helped me load and unload the dishwasher and yesterday he helped me vacuum the living room. We are trying to start giving him some responsibility around the house. The only problem is that Emma also wants to help but of course she cannot do the jobs Sam is doing so we have had a few fits from her. Emma is taking her nap and Sam is writing on some paper. I guess I will go eat some lunch. I am planning on exercising when Jeremy gets home. Here is Sam using the vacuum.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My two night streak of sleeping good was broken last night. I worked all day yesterday and then went to Curves to workout, so last night I was really sore and had trouble going to sleep. I finally drifted off to sleep and in comes Samuel. He climbed in bed with us and about 30 minutes later we hear Emma. So I got up and got Emma and then Sam and I went to Emma's bed and I put Emma in our bed. I feel like we play this game every night, someone cries and we all switch beds. I do not have to work today so we did sleep in a little thing morning. We are planning on staying in today. In fact this week starts my Monday and Friday schedule at work so I do not have to work until Friday. I am going to try and not get out the next few days except to exercise. I always spend too much money if I leave the house with the kids. I am also trying to get in habit of staying in because I do not plan on leaving much when I have three kids to get in and out of the car and into the store. The plan for today is get my house clean so I can just enjoy the next few days now that does not include the kids rooms. I am convinced that they will never be really clean. Emma is taking a nap right now and Sam is playing with his Leap Frog computer game. Jeremy left the computer here today and I tend to spend too much time on it on the days it is here. I have been looking for some cute kinda matching shirts for the kids for when Chloe comes home but I have not found any that I really like. I did find this cute t-shirt for me. It says "Adoption Checklist", Fill out paperwork, stalk mailman, become irrational, wait, wait some more. I think there may be a few other things on it but I can't remember them. I thought it was funny especially because I found it shortly after I had been watching out the window for the mail to get here:) Well I am going to get some lunch and finish getting the house clean. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

We had a good weekend. The kids slept ALL night on Saturday. I heard Emma saying "mama" at about 7:30 AM and I could not believe I actually got 9 hours of sleep. They both woke up happy and with no screaming. Last night they also slept pretty good. The kids went to be about 8:30 and Sam came in our room this morning at 4 and Emma woke up at 5 but they are both still asleep in our bed. I got to be at 9 last night so I am pretty well rested. I am getting ready to go to work but I just wanted to mention that Chloe is 14 months old today. The time is just rolling right along. Our paperwork has already been in Memphis for two weeks. I have to work 8-4 today and then I am planning on going to Curves. Well I posted a video of Sam once again just being silly. He has started making up songs that are silly. You can also see that Emma tries to do everything Sam does. Well have a good day. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today was our big day with Thomas the Train. I will start out saying that Sam had a good time but Jeremy and I were kinda disappointed. It was OK but it was not quite what we were expecting. There were a few things to do like getting Thomas tattoos and some inflatable jumping things, and a petting zoo. The actual train ride was about 20 minutes long and we were going about 1 mile a hour. Sam kept asking why Thomas was going so slow (or in his words "slowlay). We were wondering the same thing. After the train ride you could stay in this extremely long line to get your picture taken with Thomas but we decided not to wait. The train left every 30 minutes so we may of waited in line and not even got to get a picture. We left there around noon and the kids fell asleep on the way home. They are now playing and I am going to get the house clean. Jeremy is working outside in the yard. The landscaping (I guess you could call it that) is pitiful. He is just going to clean it up a little. Oh, Emma newest word is "cool". It is so cute when she says it. She is actually saying a new word almost every day. It's amazing how much she is growing. She is a sweetheart. She also had fun today. We got her a bag of popcorn and a drink and she was good to go. Well here are some pictures from today.

Riding Thomas the Train

Thomas tattoos

The petting zoo at A Day out with Thomas

Friday, September 5, 2008

Well I think Friday's are going to be rough around here. We (the kids and I) get spoiled staying home the three days in the middle of the week. It was pouring down rain this morning so that made it that much harder to get out of bed. I got up and got ready and was eating breakfast and the power went out. Poor Jeremy was still in the shower. The power was still not when we left, thirty minutes after it went off. I lit a few candles so I could finish putting on my make up and so we could make our lunches. I finally got everyone in the car and buckled up an headed down the road and I could not remember if I blew both of the candles out. I turned around and went back home to check. I had blown them both out but I am glad I double checked. Sam and Emma had a good day at Gran and Papa's house. Emma though had a blow out in her diaper and today happened to be the day I forgot to put the extra pair of clothes in her bag. Oh, well. We got home a few minutes ago and we are waiting for Jeremy to get home. We are going out to eat and then Jeremy and I are going to get new tennis shoes. Well I think he just pulled in the drive so I better go. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sam came out of his room today wearing his new winter coat. I guess I am not the only one ready for it to start getting cold. I am getting tired of it being hot.
We made it back from the vet. I took the little cage that I was going to use and the people at the vet put the cats in it for me and we had an uneventful ride home. The cats are good but it looks like I will be their nurse for the next few days. Not like I know what to do for them. Well last night I decided to sleep with Sam and let Emma sleep with Jeremy so I could actually get some sleep. I was planning on getting up early and go to Curves before Jeremy went to work, but Sam woke up several times times in the night whining about something so my good nights sleep was not so good. I was going to exercise this afternoon but we are going to get our papers notarized to send back to the lawyer when Jeremy gets home. I guess I will exercise tomorrow. 

Something pretty neat happened today. I guess I struggle with bearing my soul to much, especially in a blog, but I decided to share something that I have been struggling with and how God is just opening my eyes to how much he loves me and cares about all the details of my life. I guess my fear in sharing my fears is that I do not in any way want to come across as not being thrilled with the addition of Chloe to our family, because I am thrilled. The moment I heard that this little girl existed I loved her and knew in my heart that she was mine. I guess I have just been struggling with the timing of all of this. Those first few weeks of Emma coming home were unbelievably hard. You have so many more fears when you are adopting. Mainly about the child's adjustment to your family and your adjustment to being responsible for another human being. I just am getting used to being a mother of two and I am scared to start over again this soon with a child who will probably be older than when Emma came home. I also have been a little sad that Emma went from being the baby to the middle child really fast. I am also struggling with the whole expense of adoption. I know that money is not a deciding factor when it comes to a life, but it goes back to the timing thing. So, let me go back to the great thing that happened today and over the weekend. I love it when God uses every day situations to speak to me. This weekend we were at the pool and there was a water slide that Sam wanted to go down. Now to him this was a huge thing even though it really was not that big deal. He knew what he was getting into and he knew that he would come out the bottom into the water. He also knew that he was surrounded by many people who loved him and was going to help him down the slide. Still knowing all of this I could see the fear in his eyes. I could see that he was trying to be so brave but he was still unsure. He knew it would be so much fun but he was still scared. I saw him climb up the ladder and then my eyes went to the bottom of the slide. There was my Dad. He was at the bottom in the water with his arms raised high and I could hear him saying, "Come on buddy, I am right here. I will catch you. I won't let anything happen to you. Come on. Here I am." It hit me right there that this is exactly what God is saying to me. For whatever reason this is His timing, He knows that I am scared and he is just telling me to take the ride and He is going to catch me. He not going to let me drown in my situation. He is taking care of everything. He is going to hold me up and I can trust Him. So today I was leaving to pick up the cats and I was dreading what this whole thing was going to cost me, and I got the mail before I left and in the mailbox was a reimbursement check for Jeremy when he took that trip to Knoxville for school. We knew it was coming, but we did not know when it was coming. In fact we thought it was going to be on his check from a few weeks ago. But is came today in the mail and it was just a little short of what the bill at the vet was. And I thought what perfect timing.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok, so I think I am the biggest worrier ever. Our social worker called me just a few minutes ago and the call was about the finalization of Emma. She was calling to tell me that she got the release from AIAA saying that we have been approved to go to court to officially adopt Emma. She apologized for getting me so worked up. I guess I have learned with the other two adoptions your agency does not call you unless they have something good or bad to say or they need something else from you. Jeremy said last night that he thought it was about Emma, but of course I did not believe him. 
Well I survived the vet trip this morning, barely. I had this little cage that I was going to put the cats in to take them in out van, but the bottom of the cage has this tray that you can take out to clean and the cats kept moving the tray and jumping out the bottom. I did not know how I was going to get them in the van. They kept running away from me. I seriously thought about not even taking them. I finally caught both cats and just threw them in the van. They were jumping all over the place and meowing like crazy. Sam held one of the cats for awhile. We all had cat hair all over us and both cats messed in the van. Not a fun morning. I got to the vet and took the cats in one at a time and gave them to someone working there and then I was able to get the kids in and fill out the paperwork. The vet called a few minutes ago and told me the surgery went good and both cats were waking up. She also told me that Boots was actually pregnant AGAIN. So , I am glad I took them in today. The last thing I need is another litter of kittens!
I have to go back tomorrow to pick them up. After the vet I took the kids to McDonalds for breakfast and then went to get an oil change in the van. I stopped and cleaned the van out and then we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart. Emma is now taking a nap and Samuel is playing with his trains. 
Samuel and Emma wanted to watch a movie last night after supper, so I put them in Emma's room and they started to watch the movie. It was about 6 o'clock and I realized that it had been really quiet in the room. I went in there and they both were sound asleep. I did not want to wake them up but I also did not know how long they would sleep. I decided to turn the light off and just take my chances on them sleeping all night. Sam woke up about 10 PM but he was still half asleep. I put him in our bed and he just slept with us. Emma cried out at 2 am and I went in her room to just sleep with her. She has been doing this thing the past few nights were she just cries and cries but she is still asleep. We will be holding her and she is still crying. We have to wake her up and then she realizes that we are there and she will go back to sleep. They both slept until about 6:30 this morning. Emma has had a runny nose the past two days but I just think it is allergies. Well I better get Sam some lunch. He keeps reminding me that he is very, very hungry.