Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Well Memphis e-mailed me this morning with a very generic message. All they said was they could only give me an approximate time frame based on their work load. They said our paperwork would be reviewed in the next two to three weeks and then we would be notified if any additional information is needed or that a decision has been made. Which only means that nobody at that office looked up our case to see the status. They just gave me an answer based on the 8 weeks time frame. Oh well, I guess I will e-mail them at the beginning of next week and make sure they give me the one to two week time frame. At least they e-mailed me something. Well we all just got up a few minutes ago. It is raining so I am not looking forward to getting out with the kids today. Sam's appointment is not until 1:30 so maybe the rain will stop by then. I am going to call the chiropractor to see if he can get me in today. My back and neck have really been hurting this week. I think that is part of the reason I have been feeling so bad. Well I will post more today after the doctor
I also need to mention that Chloe is 15 months old today. That does not seem possible! I guess some of my nervousness about the paperwork taking so long is Chloe is as old as Emma was when Emma came home. I am starting to really panic about how old she will be when she finally comes home. It is just so much harder for them to adjust the older they are. Well thanks so much for your prayers for this bundle of worries. I appreciate everyone that is keeping me focused on the end of the journey. You would think I would have this whole adoption/waiting thing down, but I guess when it is your baby across the world it never gets easier. 

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