Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010 Happy Birthday Chloe!

Today my sweet baby turned 3 years old. It seemed like for so long I had these three little babies and now they are all becoming so independent and are just growing up so fast. Chloe is almost completely potty trained and she is becoming her own little person. She is our smily little sweetheart and we are so thankful that she is in our family. She had a fun day at 123 Jump and lots of cake and presents. I think Sam and Emma were more excited that today was Chloe's birthday than Chloe.
Well we are finally heading home tomorrow. Our family should all be back together tomorrow night. The kids have had a great time of being with Grandma and Grandpa. They have gone fishing several times and went to a fun children's museum. They are coming home with so much more then I brought with them to Grandma's house and it will probably takes weeks to get them back to our house rules, but I am glad they had the chance to spend some time together.
Well before I get going I have a funny story about Sam. In June when we were at the beach I was holding our 4 month old nephew and Sam was talking to the baby and making him smile. Sam then turned to me and whispered 'Mom, I think we need another baby." Well, last night I was holding a little baby at my parents church and Sam came over to me and whispered again, "Mom, I think it is time we got another baby." We all had a good laugh. Well last night while Sam was praying before bed he asked God to bring him a baby brother. After he go done praying he said "Mom, I am going to pray that every night!" We laid there for a few minutes and Sam said "Mom, I sure hope Jesus answers my prayer for a baby brother." I guess we will all have to see what happens.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jeremy and I and the teenagers got back Friday night from Orange Beach. It was a wonderful week of being encouraged and refreshed. The weather was horrible while we were down there and the oil on the beach was such a sad sight, but we still had a wonderful week. I left at 6:00 Saturday morning and headed to Illinois. The kids and I are staying here at my parent's house this whole week. Jeremy is in Virginia taking a class at Liberty. He is only 8 classes away from his doctorate in administration and I am so proud of him. The kids have had fun at Grandma's house but I think they are ready to go home. When I got here Saturday Sam said to me "Mom, I am ready to go home." I kind of laughed and told him that we were not going home for 6 more days. He then looked at me with the most serious expression and said "Seriously mom, I am ready to go home." We had a fun 4th of July. We went to a cookout and the kids had a blast doing bubbles and watching the fireworks.

Well, I know that my blogging has been lacking the past few weeks but the truth is that we are going through a bit of transition in our family. Last Sunday Jeremy announced that he would be resigning as the youth pastor at our church and that we would be leaving. Six years ago when we moved back to TN we did not know that God was going to give us the amazing blessing of being the youth leaders for our church. We really have loved every minute of our time with the youth group but we feel like God has something else for us. Jeremy is not going to another church to be on staff but we will be looking for another church. I have been very sad and heartbroken over this decision but we have peace about it. We have poured our lives into these young people. I love them like my children and they are actually my social life, so that will be a big adjustment. I will still be teaching in the area and most of the teens go the the school I will be teaching at but I realize that some things will be different. We do have our house up for sale and we are hoping to move into Nashville. We know God has another assignment for us but it is a bit frightening not knowing what is next. Our last Sunday will be July 26th and I know it will not be an easy day.