Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day!

I know that we all celebrate Mother's day in May every year, but when June 14th rolls around I feel like it is really Mother's Day. Four years ago today Jeremy and I boarded an airplane to Detroit and we were handed the most precious gift we had ever been given. The impossible was made possible, we were parents. The joy that filled our hearts four years ago has only grown more and more as we watch our Samuel grow into a little boy. Samuel has changed so many lives in just the few years we have known him and I believe that he will continue to change the lives of those around him. Most of you that read my blog have the privilege to know Samuel and so you already know the things I am about to say and I am sure you agree. Samuel is a very special boy. He is definitely a boy and so he has his moments of disobedience, but most of the time he is very sweet. Sam is kind and tenderhearted. He looks out for those around him and he is very aware of those who need help. To know him is to love him and I am very humbled to be his mother. There are a lot of people that make comments about what a good thing we are doing by blessing our children with a home and I always respond with the fact that my kids have blessed my life more than I could bless them. I am the one who has gained so much through the blessing of adoption. Just a few funny things about Sam. There are few words that he gets mixed up these days, he says "parking lock" instead of parking lot and he says "sunscream" instead of "sunscreen". This morning I was getting ready and Sam came in the room to show me that he had gotten ready all by himself. He then says, "Mom, when I get bigger and bigger I am getting myself a credit card and some car keys." I am not sure where he heard about a credit card but we had a good laugh and then we were a little frightened that he is already taking about that stuff at the age of four.
Well we have had a great day. We just got back from swimming and then we are having some cake for Sam. Tomorrow Sam is getting a haircut and then we are going up to the hospital to see a dear gentleman who had surgery today. Well here is a picture of us four years ago, our first picture of our little man, and Samuel today. 

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