Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well we are here in Myrtle Beach, SC. We arrived Monday night about 8PM. It was not a bad drive here. We were making great time and in typical Good Springs Youth fashion we had a problem. We got about three hours away and our mini-van got a flat tire. We stopped at a gas station and Jeremy put more air in it. We then drove to Florence to get it fixed. We went to Sam's Club and they fixed the tire for free. There was a nail in it so they were able to patch the tire without replacing it. Samuel is having a wonderful time. The services at the camp are amazing. The preacher is so knowledgeable about the Scripture and the kids are just soaking it in. We spent the day at the beach yesterday and no major sunburns to report. Well we are getting ready to head out for the day. Pray for the teenagers. Some of them are at such a crucial point in their life. If they will apply what the are hearing this week it will forever change their life. Here are a few pictures from Monday night. Samuel's first time on the beach, a view from our hotel room and Sam in the hotel. 

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