Saturday, June 7, 2008

The paperwork is in the mail. We went tonight to the FedEx store and sent off our final paperwork to our local agency and our agency in Michigan. I guess I will know by the end of the week if there will be any problems with my medical form. We also went this morning to the Immigration office and got our fingerprints made for our I600A form. We had to be there at 8AM so we are all pretty tired. After we finished we all went to Shoney's for breakfast and then I went on to work. The Immigration office is by the airport and Samuel once again asked if we were taking Emma back to Korea. The kids had a long nap today and then we got their pool out and they played in the water a little this afternoon. I am trying to get the house cleaned and packed for our trip. We are leaving at 6AM Monday. We have Homecoming at church tomorrow so we do not have church tomorrow night, so that should give me a little extra time. I have posted a couple pictures of Emma "talking" on her cell phone. She is so funny. She will act like she is dialing a number and then she says "Hi, hi, hi" and then just jabbers. Well I guess I better get to bed. I am so tired. I worked over thirty hours this week and I usually work about 18 hours. I will try to post while we are gone, but I am not sure if I will have time. So, as you think of us this week please pray for Emma (and me) and we are away from her. I am getting really nervous about being away from her for so long. Please pray for our safety while we are traveling. Please pray that as our paperwork arrives at our agency that there will not be any problem with my medical form. 

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