Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well it was back to life yesterday. I went back to work and Jeremy had some errands to run. Samuel and Emma went swimming. Samuel fell at the pool and scrapped his leg. You would of thought he broke is leg the way he was acting. His legs seem to hurt when he was asked to clean up his room or put his toys away. I put some medicine on it and a new Band-Aid and he seemed to be better. Today Jeremy had to go to school and then had new teacher orientation this afternoon. The kids and I were at a friends house staying with her two daughters. One daughter is a teenager and the other is going into 4th grade so I was basically there to make sure they got something to eat and was there just in case something happened. They have a dog named "Gracie" and Sam just loves that dog. As soon as we got there this morning he grabbed the dog and held her in his lap. He then moved to take his shoes off and let go of the death grip her had on the dog and the dog ran as fast as she could. He then cried and spent most of the morning trying to catch her. We were all in the kitchen getting lunch ready and the girls had the refrigerator opened and we turned around and Emma was sitting in the fridge. She is so silly. We also have a new nickname for her, "Linus". she walks around holding her blanket and sucking her thumb. We had a pretty good day until Jeremy called and said the car broke down. He heard a "pop" and the the car started to overheat. He made it to an exit and saw that a belt had broken around the engine. We had to have it towed and we are praying that it will be an easy fix. We are thankful that we can at least live with one car for awhile. Well, we are finally getting ready to eat supper. I am hoping to get to bed early again tonight. We are having a bit of trouble getting back to our night time schedule since returning home.

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