Sunday, June 8, 2008

Well I woke up this morning and started to panic about leaving Emma here this week. I actually decided for about 30 minutes that I was going to take her. I then realized that it would be a hard trip on her and us so with great reluctance I took her to our friend's house tonight around 6 PM. She is staying with our friend Lisa tonight since we are leaving so early in the morning and then Lisa is taking her to Gran and Papa's house after lunch. Emma just blew kisses and waved bye to me when I left. I really hope she does OK. It feels weird being at home without her. I cannot really remember what it was like before she came home. I miss her already. Well we are all packed and Samuel and I are heading to bed. Oh, this afternoon we had lunch after church and Samuel and Emma were running around the gym and of course I was also chasing them around. Everyone kept saying, "they sure keep you moving" and "you sure do get your exercise with those two around". I laughed and said, "somebody needs to tell my doctor, he thinks I need more exercise." 

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