Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today is a very special day for us. Today is Samuel's Gotcha Day. Three years ago we became a family. The two years prior to Samuel were the most difficult years of our lives. We had so many questions of why we were chosen to carry this heavy burden. The moment I saw my beautiful baby boy all my questions were answered. This week in South Carolina was a mix of emotions for me. There is stretch of road on I-20 between Columbia and Florence that hold s many sad miles. We were up and down that stretch many times back and forth to the doctor. It is strange that I lost my identity and part of who I was, but I also found myself and found my purpose. I am so blessed that I have been chosen to be Sam's mom. It is amazing to think that because of the miracle of Samuel we also have the miracle of Chloe. Who would of imagined that three years after Samuel came home I would be the mother of three beautiful children. 
Well, we made it back from our trip. We got home about 9:30 last night. We got to bed about 10:00 and Sam and Emma were both screaming at 2:30 AM. I put Emma in bed with Jeremy and I got in bed with Sam. They both slept until 8:30. So, we were able to get some sleep. The trip was good. Samuel did great all week. He had so much fun. I am a little scared of what he learned from the teens this week. He has made a few comments that I know he heard a teenager say. Many have asked what Emma did when she saw us. Well, she smiled when she saw us but she did not seem to be bothered that we left her for a week. She did seem to be glad to be home.

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