Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not much to write today. I went to work and then came home, went to the Mexican restrarant and then off to church. Wednesdays are tough. When I got home I found Sam and Emma playing in Emma's room. Sam was playing with her baby dolls. Right now Sam is pushing Emma around in a plastic tote they put blocks in. I will post that picture tomorrow. I am amazed at how well they play together. Well tomorrow I plan on staying home and getting my house clean. Maybe it will stay clean for more than 5 minutes but I doubt it. Emma has said a few new words this week. She is now saying "shoe", "stinky", "up" and "basket". She has also been better at calling "mama" since we returned from our trip. Sam did not start calling me mama until he was 20 months old, so she is almost there. We did not hear from the mechanic about our car so we do not know the damage yet. Oh, one last thing. Our agency in Michigan cashed our application check so I am going to assume that everything with my medical forms was OK. I guess they would of called if there was a problem. Well here are a few pictures of the kids playing and one picture with daddy.

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