Thursday, June 19, 2008

We are having a good day. Jeremy decided not to go into school today. He is not getting paid yet so it was not necessary that he go. He has been going to get an idea of what to expect when school starts in August. Samuel and I made pancakes this morning and I have managed to get the kitchen cleaned, Emma's room cleaned and the laundry done (for now anyway). We will be leaving in a few minutes to pick up the car. Thank the Lord it was only the belt that was broken. Nothing else in the engine locked up. It cost more to get the car towed than it did to fix. Jeremy has a softball game tonight so the kids and I are just going to stay home this evening. I am going to try to get the rest of the laundry put away and maybe tackle another room in the house. Well here are the pictures of Sam and Emma playing with the blocks. This morning Sam built this really neat tower with a gate for his trains. The picture of Emma is her trying to take her nap. Since we got back we are having a time getting her back into her bed for naps. Her daddy is also not helping the situation. She cries for a few minutes and he goes in to get her. She finally went to sleep in her bed after lunch. Right now she is playing with her book and Sam is taking a nap. 

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