Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our day off today has turned quite busy. We will be leaving in a hour or so and will be going to our adoption agency to fill out some paperwork. The paperwork from our agency in Michigan is kinda tricky and it has to done perfectly because it goes to Korea. So, a social worker is going to help us fill it out. We are then going to get our police clearance form from our local county .We then are both going to get our physicals today. I am not looking forward to that. My throat has been hurting the past few days and I think I might have a sinus infection, so at least I do not have to make an extra trip to the doctorWe will then go get the kids and then get Maggie. Poor Maggie, yesterday Jeremy took her to get her shots and left her there to be boarded. Well, about an hour after her shots the vet called us and said that they think Maggie had an allergic reaction to the shots. She was pacing and her fever spiked real high and her tongue was turning blue. They gave her some Benadryl and some fluids to bring her fever down. She was doing better but they said she was still pacing and seemed to be very nervous. They also said she was breathing heavy. I told them she always breaths heavy and of course the issue of her weight came up. Those of you who have seen Maggie know she is a bit over weight. The vet called back at about 5 pm to say that she was doing better but the gave her a sedative to calm her down. They said every time they take her out to go the bathroom she wants to get into every ones car. I think she is just nervous thinking we have left her. She is a homebody. Poor dog she thinks she is a person.
 Jeremy also had quite an adventure with Emma yesterday. Remember I told you that she was into Everything, well she has this bad habit of reaching up on tables, cabinets, and whatever else and grabs whatever she can. Well, she was in my bathroom and got a hold of my bright pink nail polish. Jeremy walks into our room and there is Emma with the top off (she some how unscrewed it) and is painting the bottle. Jeremy looks down and there are about three drops of nail polish on the carpet. Samuel says, "Daddy that's blood." Jeremy realizes that it could have been worse, she could of dumped the whole bottle on the floor. So, he then gets some cleaner and a rag and as he is wiping it up the three drops quickly become a big pink square on the carpet. He worked on it for a while, but I think we will need to work on it some more when we get home. I am telling you she is a mess. 

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