Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well it is July. I woke up this morning and was actually kind of sad. Sometime this month Chloe will turn one. I thought it might be easier not really knowing when her actual birthday is, but I am not so sure. Every day I will wonder if today is her birthday. We talked to our social worker yesterday and they are still waiting on my clearance letter from TN concerning my fingerprints. It is kinda weird because Jeremy's clearance came a few weeks ago and we had them done on the same day. She was going to  re fax something to the TBI yesterday. Hoping our homestudy will be done this week. We also got some good news concerning Emma's final adoption cost. Our friend's daughter came home two weeks after Emma so we are going to do our court date the same day. The lawyer we are going to use is going to split the fee so the cost will be about $400 less than what we thought. Well we all just got out of bed a few minutes ago. Emma is sitting on the couch with her blanket and Sam is drawing on his Aqua doodle. I need to get packing today for our trip on Saturday. We are leaving Saturday for Oklahoma. Well the natives are getting restless, they want breakfast. Well I weighed in today. I only lost 1 pound:( But I did lose a few inches. I really like using this program. Why doesn't weight come off as easily as it came on? Well I will try to post some pictures of our day, that is if they stay still long enough for me to get their picture.

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