Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I finally admitted something yesterday. I had been ignoring it for a few weeks because I new it meant that my little girl was growing up, but I admitted that Emma no longer needs a big diaper bag. She is past the age where I need to carry bottles, formula, several changes of clothes, and toys everywhere we go. I have been just grabbing a few diapers and her wipes when we go to the store or other short errands. She is now at the age where she needs a few diapers, wipes and her cup. The last few weeks when I have taken her diaper bag there really is not anything in it. So, yesterday we ended up going to Wal-Mart and I found this little Princess backpack. The backpack can easily fit the things she needs and the bonus is that she can actually carry it. We got home and she wanted to wear it so Sam got his backpack and they played with them until bedtime. This morning the backpack was the first thing she wanted. Well Emma is taking her morning nap and Sam is watching some cartoons. Jeremy is finishing up his classes this week so the kids and I are going to get out the house for a few hours so he can write a paper and take an exam. I think I will take a trip to Target. It feels weird not going to work today. I feel like I am skipping or something. I am going tomorrow to work instead of today. I am then off until July 14th. 

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