Monday, November 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Well I made a HUGE decision yesterday. I have decided to go back to work. I have been struggling for a few months now and have called several places looking for something that would fit me and the girls and be worth my time. I saw an add in our local paper this weekend for a part time position that a local childcare center. I called yesterday morning and found out that the hours were from 8-12 and it was for a new Kindergarten program that they started this year. I was really excited about that because I love teaching Kindergarten, but I did not think that those hours would work for me because I knew I would have to pay so much for childcare for the girls. The director/owner of the center called me yesterday afternoon and said that she would really like to meet with me and could work out something for me to bring the girls with me. I did not want to get my hopes up because I have heard several places say that they would give me a great deal for the girls and I had actually applied at this center a few years ago when I only had Sam and the deal was not so great. So I agreed to meet with her and I could not believe the deal she gave me for the girls to come with me every day. I was really impressed with the center and I think I will like working there. I am actually going in the morning for my first official day but I am not starting my regular schedule until next Wednesday. I already had some things going on this week and we have Chloe's court date next Monday, so I only working in the mornings tomorrow, Friday, and Tuesday. I actually taught today at the Christian school and I am teaching Thursday at the Christian school. So, I guess yesterday was my final day of not being employed. I am struggling back and forth with guilt of not staying home but I really feel like the Lord has opened this opportunity for me. I would ask that you pray for the girls and I as we make this transition.

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I think it sounds wonderful. So happy for you that you get to take your girls with you. I will be praying for you and the girls and look forward to seeing how it goes on your blog. Brooke