Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well, we have had quite a day. This morning was spent cleaning and getting the house ready for our second post placement visit for Emma. Our new social worker came and asked a bunch of questions about Emma 's adjustment and she confirmed that Emma was doing very well in our home. We then officially started our homestudy for Chloe. We also got a wonderful surprise, a picture of Chloe. We do not know any more information, but we now have a face to our precious daughter. As you can image my emotions are all over the place tonight. Reality is really starting to set in that our family of four will soon be a family of five. The process does seem like it will be a bit easier in terms of paperwork as long as we do not have the immigration problems like we had with Emma. We are delighted that we got a picture, but most of you know that after the picture is the hardest part of the wait. I am just so humbled that God has chosen me to be the mother of these three amazing children. I am actually posting the first pictures we got of Samuel, Emma, and Chloe.

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Melissa said...

Congrats on getting a picture! I know how excited you must be. She is adorable!