Friday, May 23, 2008

Today has been a very busy day and it is not over yet. This morning Emma and I attended a bridal tea and Jeremy and Sam attended a graduation. Emma did really good at the tea. I was concerned because I knew there would be lots of tea pots and other breakable things. I also did not know what she would think of the food. Of course she was absolutely adorable. When we got to the tea house we were told that they did not have a high chair but she sat nice and tall in one of the chairs. Every day I realize how big she is getting. She also liked the food. Her favorite was the broccoli quiche. She ended up falling asleep in my arms while I finished my lunch. Everyone just made a fuss over her and she loved the attention. I was also able to show off the picture of Chloe. It is amazing that so many people follow the story of our family. There were several people there that I did not know but they knew about me and my kids. I think it is neat. Someone asked me if I thought it was weird that people knew all about our lives. I think I have an amazing story of blessings and hope so I do not mind at all who knows our story. Well, the kids (and Jeremy) are taking a nap. We are off again in a few hours to the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. I guess I will find out tonight how Emma is going to do walking down the aisle. I hope to post some cute pictures of the kids from the wedding. Emma is very difficult to get her to take a good picture. She looks and says, "cheese" for about 2 seconds and then turns away. I guess I better try to take a short nap while I have the chance. 

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