Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jeremy made this picture of our three kids. I think it is really neat. They are so beautiful! Today was a pretty good day. Sam and Emma both slept until 7 this morning and woke up in a good mood. We then filled out some of our paperwork and went to get our fingerprints made. I had my first irritation with the adoption paperwork today. We have to get a form filled out by our doctor and I found out that I have to get another physical. It would be ok if I had insurance that covered doctor's visits. The lady at the desk was not helpful and she told me I had to see a new doctor because I was considered a new patient. I explained that because of my history I needed to see the same doctor I have seen over the past four years. It was so frustrating. I do not like going to the doctor anyway so this just made it worse. I have not heard good things about the two doctors she suggested. So, now I have to figure it out. Our social worker sent our I600A form to the Immigration office in Memphis today so we will officially be in the system in a few weeks. Well, the kids are now in bed and Jeremy is out with his brothers so I am enjoying the peace and quiet. My sweet Emma is into EVERYTHING so I now have to pick up the destruction she made today. Maybe I can get to bed soon. We have a big day tomorrow with wedding activities. 

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