Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It was back to work today. I had a nice week off of work. It was busy, but good. The kids are also recovering from the long weekend. They had a great time spending time with cousins and going swimming and the other things we did the past few days, but it wore them out. Yesterday we just hung out at the house. Samuel and Emma played outside on their bikes. Our driveway is gravel so they just ride up and down or little sidewalk in front of the house. I put Emma to bed at 7:00 and she went right to sleep. She cried out at 1 am but slept until almost 7 this morning. Samuel also cried out a few times last night. Samuel is having a bit of trouble adjusting to the new summer schedule.
 Well, yesterday we got our letter from Immigration that they received our paperwork to start our process with their office. We should be getting another letter in a few days saying we can go get our second set of fingerprints. After our fingerprints that clearance from immigration should be within 8 weeks. Jeremy and I are going next week to get our physicals and our dog Maggie also has to go to the vet. There is a new form we have to fill out stating that our dog is up to date on her shots and that she is friendly with children. We should have all our paperwork done by the end of next week. Our social worker told us today that we can get our official referral for Chloe after our 3rd post placement visit for Emma, so maybe by the end of JULY. A quick timeline, after the official referral Chloe should be home within 3-4 months. Immigration is saying that after the referral we should have clearance for Chloe to come home in 8 weeks. In case you have forgotten, this final clearance took over 3 months and this is the step that our paperwork was mishandled. So, as you pray for us and Chloe here are a few specific prayer requests. First, pray for me as we start this process. I am just recovering from the stress that Emma's adoption process took on me. I am very nervous about doing this again. Second, I am praying that Chloe will be home before November 10th. If Chloe comes home before Emma turns two we will not have to pay for her a plane ticket to Detroit.

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