Friday, May 30, 2008

We had a rough night last night. Emma ended up in our bed at about 11:00 last night and Samuel was up several times. Jeremy ended up on the couch and I actually got up earlier to get ready for work because the two kids were taking over the bed. Jeremy also got a taste of how hard it is to stay at home all day with two kids. He had a rough day. The kids were crazy today. It is so weird, but Emma will not take a nap in her bed the days that Jeremy is home. She ends up taking a short catnap on the couch. I guess she knows that her daddy will get her out of bed if she cries. When I got home Jeremy was ready to get out of the house. Jeremy also got his scores today from his Praxis saying that he passed all four tests. He was hired at that school,but it could not be official until he got the scores back from the test. He needed to pass all four tests to get his TN teaching license. He was nervous about the last test he took. He thought he did not do well on it.So, we decided to go eat at Old Chicago (a pizza place) and get some supplies for our trip that is coming up in a week. We are taking some kids from the youth group to Student Life Camp in Myrtle Beach.
 So, we are about 10 minutes from the restaurant and Samuel starts crying that his stomach hurts. We just thought he was hungry. He then says, "Mommy I am stinky". Indeed he was stinky. We pulled over to a gas station so he could finish going to the bathroom and so I could clean him up. We then went to Target to get some new shorts. It was quite an ordeal. He seems to be OK now. I was concerned that he was getting a flu bug that has been floating around the Riggs Family. 
Samuel has been playing this really cute thing. He will put his backpack on and get another bag in his hand and he will say, "Mom, I am going to Korea to get Chloe." I was thinking the other day that my kids will probably grow up thinking that all babies come from Korea. Emma continues to do something new every day. She is quite a handful. She is definitely more work than Sam was at this age. She is into EVERYTHING! Here are a few pictures of the kids at supper. Emma is now sitting in a booster. She actually does good sitting in it. Sam would never sit in a booster. 

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