Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, August 09, 2009

We have had a pretty good weekend. I know I have not blogged since last week but my camera broke on Thursday and I have been pretty bummed that I could not take any pictures. I need to wait a few weeks before I can get a new one. I am going to borrow a friend's camera for Friday so I can get some of Sam on his first day of school (sniff, sniff). I thought since I could not take any pictures I would post a few of Sam from the past few years. The ones I posted tonight were taken on his first birthday and his first Thanksgiving. I have forgotten how little he was. Anyway, I better move on before I start to cry. Just a quick update on the past few days. Friday the kids and I went to our friend's house and swam in her pool most of the day. Her daughters played with the kids and kept them occupied in the pool so I had a very relaxing day by the pool. My friend also gave us their swing set. Her girls are too old for the swing set so she let us have it. Jeremy and a teen in our youth group put it up in our yard Friday. The kids played on it a little bit on Saturday but it was way too hot to be outside for very long. Friday night we had some of the older teens over to our house to watch a movie. They were watching a movie that I did not really want to watch so the kids and I stayed in their room watching a different movie. Last night was pretty interesting round here. Chloe has definitely hit the terrible two's. She has been not been wanting to take a nap in the afternoon even though she she so tired. She plays in her bed and cries and carries on. Well yesterday she was so crabby because she would not go to sleep. She kept throwing tantrums all evening. She then started this thing where she would stomp her feet at me when she did not get her way. I actually put her to bed at 6:30 last night and she slept all night. After I was completely worn out from dealing with Chloe I out Emma in the bathtub. I stepped out of the bathroom for a few minutes and when I went back in I knew something was up when Emma was peeking over the tub and said "Hi" with her sweet face. I walked over the tub and she had pooped in the tub! It was absolutely disgusting! I got her cleaned up and then had to bleach everything in the tub. I was so ready for bedtime to come last night. Today we had church and then went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. We then came home and we all took a nap. Jeremy starts in service tomorrow and the kids and I are going to stay home.

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