Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WEdnesday. October 7, 2009

We are having a pretty good week so far. There is not a lot going on so the girls and I stayed home yesterday and we are staying in today until church time. I am trying to get the Fall/Winter clothes out and sorted so that is keeping me busy. Sam is having a good week at school. He is so excited when he comes home with homework. It would be nice if has this same enthusiasm when he is a teenager:) He is doing such a great job reading and learning all the new concepts. His new thing is to count syllables for every word he hears. It is cute but it gets a little annoying after awhile. When he gets home he and Emma sit at the table and color and draw for hours. Last night he drew a picture of himself and me (picture below). He wanted me to take a picture of him with his picture and then Emma had to do the same thing. We call Emma Little Miss Chatterbox these days. She talks constantly! She is also doing great with going in the potty. She has only had one accident the past few weeks and that was yesterday. I got in the shower and just when I got the shampoo in my hair she had to go. I tried to hurry up but she had already went in her pants. She was so upset. She is just growing up so fast. Chloe is doing good. She still is not saying much but I have determined that she chooses not to talk not that she cannot talk. She can say a lot of words but she just will not say them. We are working on her asking for a "bite" when she wants something to eat and "juice" when she wants a drink. She can say both words and knows what they mean, but she chooses to come into the kitchen and grunt at me. Well the girls are down for a morning nap so I am going to try to get somethings done. Have a great day!

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